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Maintaining The Classic Traditions of Golf

Hosting Traditional and Contempory Events

Events have always been a mainstay of any golf facility . . . typically those would be all sorts of standard tournaments for local charities and associations. While those are fabulous, some out of the box thinking can reap long-term benefits and loyalty.


As a participant of the Hickory Golf Association, I can personally attest to just how powerful these types of events are for both players and non-players alike.  Even contemporary exhibition events with current and past professional players can also be very memorable for your local players and members as well.


At J D Hart Golf Design, we can advise, conduct and present these types of events for your club. Please contact us for details of this type of exhibition and marketing opportunities.


The mission of the Hickory Golf Association, Society of Hickory Golfers, Golf Heritage Society (and others) is to help more golfers enjoy the game of golf using hickory shafted clubs, as pre-1935. Each year, the various Hickory Golf Associations sponsor tournaments for local, state, regional, national and international venues.


Hickory golf events are appearing almost every weekend, and all over the World, such as the World Hickory Open, The National Hickory Championship and other hickory tournaments, fulfill Hickory Golf Associations charters by encouraging people to play hickory shafted clubs. Over 3 million golfers now play Hickory golf regularly. Leave that belief aside of hickory producing less distance! And remember the "stymie" rule.


There is another phase of Traditional Golf beginning to emerge, i.e.; Vintage Golf. Some refer to it as Persimmon & Blades. The Persimmon Golf Society. Played with late 1930's thru several decades, those golf clubs with true "wood" heads, steel shafts, small head irons. These players play to the exacting standards, devotion as famous players as Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan and many others. When skill was still about shot making.

Client Testimonials

Best Thing About Hickory Golf?

"I love the feel of the wood, the sound of the shaft moving through the swing. Hickory golf gives me the opportunity to get back to the true creativity of the game, to experience the game in a pure way. The enjoyment I’ve gotten by playing with hickories has lead me to deeper growth both on and off the course. I had been frustrated with golf and its technological aspect, so much so that I was close to giving it up. Playing with hickories brought me back to the game. That’s why when I have a chance to play, I only play my hickories."  Sandy Lyle


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