Renovations - Large and Small

Renovations - The Greatest


Second Chance Opportunity In Golf


The renovation is the most common and probably the most important project in the world of golf today. It is a business decision to meet the needs of golf now and well into the future for any specific property.


Typically A Renovation Is To Meet One Of TWO Pressing Problems - Sometimes Both.


  1. The existing infrastructure is failing. From drainage and irrigation to greens, grasses and bunkers, the course is in disrepair and needs to be updated.
  2. The demographic and community has changed. The current course lacked creativity, modern upgrades in materials and honestly, a lack of old school traditional simplicity.  It is not serving the current player’s enjoyment of the game.

A Renovation May Be Small And Is Designed to Fix


The Issues Below That Have Broken Down - Such As . . .







A Total Renovation May Be A Better Solution For Some Clubs

While new course construction is limited today, the most common renovation project is a total make-over of an entire course that replaces both the failing infrastructure but also addresses the dire need of matching the course to the current/future business plan. A total renovation many times is more efficient to address the needs of both the course’s physical needs AND can re-create an all new club that is in step with both ownership and player’s wishes.


Designing a total renovation is an intricate process which requires careful planning, owner participation, player/member interviews and hole by hole consideration of the desired goals. The future of the club lies within this meticulous planning. J D Hart Golf Design is eminently qualified for both types of renovation projects.

Renovations - Nothing Is Too Small - Nothing Is Too Large

The New Course - Built in 1895

St. Andrews, Scotland