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Prairie Dunes, KS

As the title indicates . . . This is the core of our business.  Designing a course to fit the land, provide a challenge to golfers of all skill levels and present a maintenance position that is both visually striking and affordable to sustain.


J D Hart will lead a team in design and construction of your golf project. We have served multiple areas throughout the Midwest. Our 40 years of experience and expertise will produce a golf course of natural beauty that you and your clientele will enjoy for a lifetime.  


For any new or renovation project, a critical aspect is the final grow-in period. Our agronomic background and personal passion to each project, makes us unique as we feel the course is not done, until it is grown-in and playable. We are dedicated to bring our projects to the public in pristine, ready condition.  Our focus is primarily on privately held or private golf retreats. Our mission is to enhance golf to its highest and purest level.

Design Your New Course or Renovation

Construct Your New Course or Renovation

Grow-In Your New Course or Renovation to Opening Day

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Supervise Your Construction Crew - OR - Lead My Construction Associates

Before and After Construction to Grow-In

Professional Grow-In Services


Supervise And Train Your Greenskeeping Crew And Course Superintendent

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