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J.D. Hart

Having first learned the golf business from the construction end,  then the  maintenance and operational ends, great insight was gained in my initial decade in golf. Leading several "in house" projects, the passion to design kept on growing. 

Slowly the strengths and weaknesses of a golf course design began to make their selves obvious. During a management position at a private, men only golf club (at that time a PGA Tour venue) the ability to see the aesthetics of the land masses, and the way they could flow to improve the golf experience became  even stronger.

I then applied this insight by developing a radically innovative and new designed golf course, with the  business posture of a private, rural golf retreat.  After playing on this course, some golfers compared this experience to ones they had at a Nicklaus designed golf course.  (emulated Pine Valley, usually voted in the TOP 10 golf course designs, as much as any) This design pulled together sea coast links style golf courses and highland style golf courses in a "lay of the land" minimalist fashion. Minimalist design is gaining much popularity.

My golf career has now spanned four plus decades.  With countless hours of study, and reviewing hundreds of golf courses,  I visited that many more. After "digging it out of the dirt" as Hogan would have said, I've seen the potential of a golf course design  and how to create more aesthetic, natural golf venues.

Unlike many of my contemporaries, I make no claims to have designed hundreds of golf courses (designing and constructing one and staying with it until it is up and operating is a wholly different commitment)  After selling Hickory Ridge golf course and believing it was time to retire, I soon realized I still had a great deal of creativity to give to the grand game! 

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